12 Sep 2024 - 12 Sep 2024 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm Rome, Italy & online

IPCEI Microelectronics Workshop @NanoInnovation 2024

IPCEIs Microelectronics: devices and systems driving the digital and green transition 

Airi is promoting a workshop to offer companies, research centres and universities the opportunity to learn about IPCEI ME resultsIPCEI ME/CT ongoing activities and to get in touch with the main players in the field at national and EU level. 

Italy is a key player in these areas, and for this reason Airi from 2020 supports IPCEI activities through a series of events (20202022 e 2023) also in collaboration with its Partners Fondazione Bruno Kessler and STMicroelectronics. 

Europe is strengthening its industrial and leadership capacity in the semiconductor value chain through ad hoc legislation, such as the EU Chips Act 2023, and targeted investments, including the two IPCEI ME and ME/CT (Important Projects of Common European Interest – Microelectronics and Communication Technologies). 

The IPCEI ME/CT builds on the results of the first IPCEI ME and involves 68 projects from 56 companies and an ecosystem of over 600 R&I players. It aims to create innovative, fast, safe, reliable and energy- and resource-efficient electronic systems and production methods. 

Breakthrough are expected along four lines: sensing, thinking, acting, communicating, and the solutions developed are strategic assets with application in many sectors. 

The first part of the workshop (14:00-15:30) will feature keynote speeches by influential IPCEI partners. The second part will be a matchmaking session (16:00-17:30) during which IPCEI representatives will meet participants, whether large industries, SMEs, start-ups, or research organisations, to share and discuss R2B (Research to Business) and B2B (Business to Business) opportunities with IPCEI representatives. 

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