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Profit from our knowledge and experience as a participant in more than 40 funded projects at the national and international levels! For more than 15 years, BNN has helped to build small- to large-scale consortia, and to design and carry out communication, dissemination and stakeholder engagement activities of research projects at all Technology Readiness Levels.

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Branding & Social Media

We position your project within the scientific landscape by designing a unique project identity with attractive branding, including logo, presentations, social media presence, a professional website and offline materials such as flyers and conference booths.



We raise awareness of your project within relevant communities by defining a communication strategy at the start, incorporating the branding, scheduling social media activities, writing press releases and planning non-scientific publications, creating videos and organizing webinars or in-person events to bring complex topics within your project to a wider audience.


Dissemination of
Scientific Results

We coordinate a dissemination strategy for your scientific results through social media, publications, videos and other media, targeting the right communities thanks our broad network and links to important stakeholders. We monitor and collect information for detailed analyses and reporting purposes.

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